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“UPDATE: Troops are leaving. They are bored and unpaid. We'll be replacing tanks with Kijang Kotaks. Branding still on. #KudetaHore”

“Caught in traffic. Apparently Metrominis and Kopajas are not afraid of tanks. They are counter revolutionary. #KudetaHore”

“Cops are expensive these days apparently. Tanks even more expensive. Shit that's half of our coup budget gone. #KudetaHore”

“Cops asking for licenses. Crap. Tank driver doesn't have a SIM. We're canvassing for cash to bribe the cops. #KudetaHore”

“At the toll road! Some confusion on which toll we have to pay for tanks (we argued they're essentially cars). But on the way now!...”

“Filled tanks and trucks with Premium. Because we're rakyat. #KudetaHore”

“Do any of you guys know if tanks involved in a coup may use subsidized fuel? Pertamax is a bit steep. #KudetaHore”

Tank driver suggested stopping for Nasi Padang. Most of us agreed. Can't have a coup with an empty stomach! #KudetaHore”

“A bit late in the day. Troops FINALLY arrived. Tanks too. Apparently they weren't paid. Off to Jakarta now. POWER HERE WE COME! #KudetaHore”

“If 'MKRI peduli rakyat' is true, then tanks would be shelling istana by now. Wait. What tanks? Who the fuck is MKRI?”

“Demo. Coup d'etat. Here's hoping we see tanks in Jakarta tomorrow. And all kinds of fun stuff.”

“I would actually LOVE to see a coup d'etat in Jakarta. Haven't seen tanks in the city for a while.”

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