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“. @Graceloveszac1 Of course #asklochte

“RT @Graceloveszac1: @ryanlochte would u ever date a not-famous person #asklochte

“. @stephaniealysaa Ease yourself into it, find a different way to fall back in love with the sport #asklochte

“RT @danicarrasco_1: @ryanlochte what do you like to eat after a race? #asklochte

“. @mairead_corrig skydiving #asklochte

“RT @mairead_corrig: @ryanlochte what's the most important thing on your bucket list #asklochte

“. @fatihkkilic When I physically can't move anymore #asklochte

“RT @fatihkkilic: @ryanlochte #asklochte when do you think finish swimming?”

“. @MsDior_Monaye When people base their opinions about me off of a video of me that's out of context #asklochte

“RT @MsDior_Monaye: @Ryanlochte something that annoys you that people say? #asklochte

“. @ryanlochte_mx Jennifer Lawrence and Gerard Butler #boss #asklochte

“RT @ryanlochte_mx: @ryanlochte favorite actor?? #asklochte

“. @Taliwag14 One performance doesn't define you, but swim like it's your last #asklochte

“RT @Taliwag14: @ryanlochte swim meet tomorrow . Any tips ? #asklochte

“. @sammer_schnabel Pay attention to your students, make it fun, and strive for quality not quantity #asklochte

“RT @sammer_schnabel: @ryanlochte any advice for a new swim coach ? :) #asklochte

“. @JADanford Best friends #asklochte

“RT @JADanford: @ryanlochte are u my friend? #asklochte

“RT @3mily3dgar: @ryanlochte are you single cause I needs to know #asklochte

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