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Islamic law is adopted by British legal chiefs

Islamic law is adopted by British legal chiefs

Readng: Islamic law adoptd by British legl chiefs
Slctrs tld hw 2drw Sharia-style wlls penalisng widws, non-believrs

“As I jst mentioned to @malviyamit, my current focus at AAP wll be on training youngsters there on certain fundamental liberal principles 1/4”

“So apparntly Rae Bareily wll soon hv a Indira Gandhi Univ AND a Rajiv Gandhi Univ Lets rename the city "Rahulabad"”

“Vintage #Friedman: A govt tht continuously spends mr thn wht economy can produce wll keep takng more & more of yr income as tax (thnk FSB)”

“Basd on recent develpmnts & sm conversations, I wld be surprised if 2014 is Modi vs RG. Cong wll fnd a MMS fr RG, I thnk”

“Do our leaders really undrstnd #Urbanisation? Do thy possess sheer dtermintion, strng political wll, soaring imagintion or ability to dream?”

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