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Bridge Summer Program at Wheelock College

Bridge Summer Program at Wheelock College

RT @WheelockCollege: VIDEO: The Bridge Program gives 1st-yr students a head start on building a foundation for success. #wheelockaccepted

“Meeting #wheelockaccepted students today to share their excitement as they realize they are #wheelocktoughenough! @wheelockcollege

Arts and Sciences Majors at Wheelock College

Arts and Sciences Majors at Wheelock College

WATCH: #WheelockCollege liberal arts program minimizes lectures & places value on student experiences

“Wheelock pledges to double the number of American students who study abroad by the end of the decade. ”

“Support #WheelockCollege Students in the @AmericanCancer Society's #RelayForLife. Every dollar helps! ”

“Clearly, young students define learning differently than the adults who teach them. Fun and value, v. 'useful' citizens. #DML2014”

“Learning networks broaden the opportunities for students across geo, skill, language, age & time boundaries. Just imagine! #DML2014”

Wheelock College

Wheelock College

RT @EKSilverman: OnCampus Boston at #WheelockCollege: innovative courses for international students seeking American college degrees.

“Very cool call with @Astro_Wheels on parallels in innovation between @NASA & @WheelockCollege. Today's pre-K/K students will walk on Mars.”

“RT @WheelockCollege: President Jackie Jenkins-Scott thanks Jamie Boussicot and the students who planned today's program! #WheeAreFamily”

“40% of students are not being served by US high schools. They are non-traditional students. Learn-by-doing is a solution. #ercjan17 #edchat”

“RT @schifilliti: insufficient leadership is the primary cause for the failure to achieve student outcomes says William Bryan at #ERCjan17 #edtech #edchat”

“Larry Myatt: students are pushed out of the primary conversations of teachers by bureaucracy. What's important? #ercjan17 #edchat #satchat”

“Larry Myatt: does the learning look like the real world? Could a student walk out the door & apply what they learned? #ercjan17 #edchat”

“RT @NHSAcademy1: Larry Myatt: "students are objects, not the creator of learning." This has to change! #ercjan17”

Twitter / AshworthAnn: #ERCjan17 holistic student ...

Twitter / AshworthAnn: #ERCjan17 holistic student ...

RT @AshworthAnn: #ERCjan17 holistic student assessment useful for planning. What do we need for these particular classrooms

“RT @NHSAcademy1: 10-15% of students suffer from emotional disorder (2001). In the 13 years since, has this figure doubled? #ercjan17”

“RT @NISCE_: #ercjan17 "Engage students by talking about what matters to them. That is learning." #gilnoam”

“RT @twilson_ted: Have to KNOW each student to make an impact in their learning #ercjan17”

TeenNick HALO Awards 2013: Darren Criss Introduces Zachary Kerr

TeenNick HALO Awards 2013: Darren Criss Introduces Zachary Kerr

This inspiring #WheelockCollege student won TeenNick #HALOAwards for LGBTQ Advocacy! Congrats! #wheelocktoughenough

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