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“Shorter GOP: We want cuts! We blame Obama for these cuts! We are illogical and insane. #edshow

“The real crime is that we have a private prison industry in this country. #edshow

“Reagan tripled the national debt. #bigspender #edshow

“But GOP ideas are very popular in the Confederate states of 1861. #edshow

“You know the Church is dead when the Pope just up and quits like he's some two-bit Alaskan governor. #edshow

“I really do not think GOP is going to allow the $500 billion cuts to defense. It's a bluff. #edshow

“GOP sequester recession is going to slam states & imperil all their own governors up for reelection in 2014. #edshow

“GOP always roots for recession when Dems are in office. It is the only way they can win elections. #edshow

“Just a thought MSNBC: That moron TX Rep & Nugent do this crap for attention. Stop giving it to them. #edshow

“Put the sequester in a can and kick it far far down the road. #edshow

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