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“Effect would be to leave Congress wide open to guns everywhere, including in their offices. (2) @EleanorNorton

“MT @JBurchDC: @maustermuhle might I suggest a plan 2 remove debate from Congress thus leaving it in hands of those it most directly affects.”

D.C. Office on Aging: Latest DCOA E*News

D.C. Office on Aging: Latest DCOA E*News

MT @DCAgingNews: Latest E*News is out and it includes info on TODAY"s roundtable discussion at Congress Heights SWC.

“RM @aaronwiener: Not only does Congress' deal protect DC from next shutdown, it makes it much > likely that autonomy will be renewed next fy”

#FreeDC's Budget!

#FreeDC's Budget!

R u interested in freeing DC's budgets from control by congress & pres? R u using #freedc ? I'll add your handle to

“Hope you'll be joining the 10/14 1p call to make a stink that DC's budget is being held hostage by Congress & Pres.: ”

“RT @HTinWDC: This lack of democracy really sucks. Why should we suffer because Congress can't agree? #FreeDC”

Twitter / Wordsmyf: It's a damn shame we can't ...

Twitter / Wordsmyf: It's a damn shame we can't ...

MT @Wordsmyf: It's a damn shame we can't spend our own $ because of same congress that can't balance their own budget

“MT @sharrowsDC: @brfreed Congress: don't bogart our money. cc: @cmdgrosso #letourmoneygo #dearcongress”

“Full disclosure: Yes, there was a typo in my headline 4 mayor on Hill tomorrow. But I fixed my mistake; I wish Congress would fix theirs!”

“MT @dc_vote: 212 yrs ago Congress stripped DC of their rights 2 representation. We're still fighting to get em back. ”

“Let's be clear. The fight between President and Congress is in Washington, NOT the District of Columbia. Two different places.”

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