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“Tweetnote #jobs4US: Visit to see more info about my plan to grow jobs and get our economy moving again. Thank you”

“Tweetnote #jobs4US: Our strength is in people, not gov't. We can fix our economy, get people back to work and move gov't out of the way”

“Tweetnote #jobs4US:  We followed Greece into democracy.  We are not doomed to follow them into bankruptcy”

“Tweetnote #jobs4US: Over the last 3 years we have seen 3.7b more debt, nearly 2m fewer jobs and Congress hasn't passed a budget in 2 yrs”

“Tweetnote #jobs4US: No more printing money with reckless abandon. The Fed should focus on cutting inflation and price stability”

“Tweetnote #jobs4US: We need to repeal Obamacare. A one-size fits all gov't run program. We need the private health care market to flourish”

“Tweetnote #jobs4US: We need to reduce regulation for business.  Federal regulations cost our economy 1.75T per year.  That's unacceptable.”

“Tweetnote #jobs4US: We need to hold the line on spending. I propose a balance budget amend to our constitution w/ a cap of about 18% of GDP”

“Tweetnote #jobs4US:  We should create a simpler, fairer and flatter tax system with just two individual rates:  10% and 25%”

“Tweetnote #jobs4US: We need to level the playing field by rolling back corporate subsidies, special handouts, carve outs & loopholes”

“Tweetnote #jobs4US:  We can turn around our economy by overhauling the 9k page tax code.  Let's cut the business tax rate from 35% to 15%”

“Tweetnote #jobs4US: First: set a big goal. Let's aim to grow our economy by 5%. We have done it before and we can do it again”

“Tweetnote #jobs4US: The USA has the most entrepreneurial people in the world & we deserve better.  So here's my plan is to grow the economy”

“Tweetnote #jobs4US: America's economy is not even growing by 2% today.  The recession changed our economy - but not our character”

“Tweetnote #jobs4US: With almost $4 gas, home prices in the gutter & unemployment at 9.2%. It's time to stop these painful economic policies”

“Tweetnote #jobs4US: How are you enjoying your recovery summer? That's what @BarackObama said we were having – last year”

“Tweetnote #jobs4US: Thanks for asking me to join the American Jobs Conference on Twitter.  There's no subject more important to our nation”

“Don't miss my Tweetnote and the chance to participate live at the #Jobs4US conference – 12:15p ET today ”

“I'll be presenting the Tweetnote at the American Jobs Conference on Twitter. Join in & ask me a question here #jobs4US

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