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“Slam Your Senator for Supporting Amnesty in Senate Vote, 'Amnesty' is a CROCK, FRAUD, Forcing You to Pay $Trillions for Illegal Alien Invasion, Most Goes in Crooked Politicians Pockets & Big Business, ActionBuffet | NumbersUSA: Slam Your Senator for Supporting Amnesty in Senate Vote ”

ActionBuffet | NumbersUSA: SAY 'NO AMNESTY' TO PRESIDENT OBAMA WITH JUST ONE CLICK! There should never have been any consideration of allowing aliens to bypass ordinary naturalization process. Doing so is just a shoddy ploy to gain votes and give benefits to persons who have not earned it. There is NOWHERE else in the world that allows this so-called Amnesty. I would like to see that exposed. 20 million unemployed American Citizens are waiting for employment and benefits. ”

ActionBuffet | NumbersUSA: Tell your Member of Congress to support U-Visa reform ”

ActionBuffet | NumbersUSA: Ask your U.S. Rep. to Abolish Birthright Citizenship ”

ActionBuffet | NumbersUSA: Welcome your Pro-Immigration Enforcement GOP Senator Back to Congress ”

ActionBuffet | NumbersUSA: Ask Sen. Rubio to Get Tough on E-Verify and the Entry/Exit System ”

ActionBuffet | NumbersUSA: Thank Sen. Minority Leader McConnell for Opposing Backroom Amnesty Effort ”

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ActionBuffet | NumbersUSA: Tell President Obama No Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

ActionBuffet | NumbersUSA: Ask your Republican Members of Congress to Oppose Amnesty ”

ActionBuffet | NumbersUSA: Tell you Democratic Members of Congress that Union Members Oppose Amnesty ”

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