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White House warns 'gay' plan unconstitutional

White House warns 'gay' plan unconstitutional

sodomite special privileges 'act' Being Rushed Thru Congress Now, even obama sodomite warned this was UNCONSTITUTIONAL in 2007 NOBODY Should Get ANY extra consideration because of sex, gender, etc. WHATSOEVER Contact Your Congress Person NOW & ASK to have it DEFEATED

“ActionBuffet | NumbersUSA: SAY 'NO AMNESTY' TO PRESIDENT OBAMA WITH JUST ONE CLICK! There should never have been any consideration of allowing aliens to bypass ordinary naturalization process. Doing so is just a shoddy ploy to gain votes and give benefits to persons who have not earned it. There is NOWHERE else in the world that allows this so-called Amnesty. I would like to see that exposed. 20 million unemployed American Citizens are waiting for employment and benefits. ”

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