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What is Criminal Insanity-

It is insane and criminal for anyone to tell me I cannot defend myself.

it is insane and criminal for anyone to try to force me to think anyway I choose not to, and i can say NO

It is insane and criminal for anyone to try to force their beliefs on me, including spiritual

government is created by citizens to serve citizens, who can choose to dissolve it if it does not serve its function or the need/utilty passes, anything not needed will be eliminated

killing anyone from conception to natural death, is criminal and insane

i refuse to have the government say anything about my relationships or sexuality, their trying to force their conception is criminal and insane

elected officials receiving anything money or othewise, to represent anyone in their elected duty, is criminal and insane, they are only to effectively perform their duty or be replaced by anyone who has verified experience and training.

any elected official who does not perform their elected duty or malfunctions will be replaced immediately

i am very happy bloomberg and his cronies failed to preclude whatever i chose to drink, in any amount

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