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Being able to use judgment, weigh facts and organize information can become impaired with dementia. You may see the those with dementia: 1. find themselves in situations they're not prepared for, 2. find themselves in unsafe situations, or 3. engaging in more risk taking behavior.
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Judgement Impairment Definition - chronic lying, impulsive, cant perform simple arithmentic like what is one trillion dollars - one trillion dollars is zero, Makes choice that puts others safety at risk, like bringing millions of illegal aliens into usa, Cannot evaluate the relative risk of a situation, like nuclear weapons, Has difficulty determining the important from the unimportant, like whether is a lifestyle to rape children, Finds themselves in situations they are not prepared for because of poor judgment, cant think of a damn think to say in public so bsssssss, Cannot think of the outcome of their decision, Misjudges the intentions of other people, like youre not taking my defenses away, Difficulty judging their ability to complete a task, like I'll balance the budget [right]http://www.dementiaguide.com/symptomlibrary/thinkingjudgement/judgment/

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