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“Bars, books, cafes, libraries, squares. Some things are close to perfect as they are, and need no "innovation".”

“living a worthwhile life is like being the author of your own great book. Hint: it's not easy, and there are no guarantees.”

“LOL. So there's my little manifesto. All I really wanted to do was tweet twice about books :)”

“.@Anish_Dave Yes, books will succumb to the "laws of economics". Those laws aren't laws. They're fake. We shouldn't let them rule our lives.”

“We have this tendency in our culture to accept poor substitutes for the real thing. Let's not do it to books.”

“So just because a string of text in a plastic box is called "an eBook", doesn't mean it has much in common with...a book.”

Books aren't just there to dully consume. They're there to inspire, challenge, infuriate, and free us. eBooks don't do this well.”

“Furthermore, when I see a stack of books I've read, I remember and connect the ideas in different ways. Doesn't happen with eBooks.”

“When I read a real book, I flip back and forth, I connect ideas, I dogear, I (literally) feel. eBooks make all this harder.”

“The form, the investment, the performance, and the experience. RT @halfbyte: @umairh So what, for you, makes a book a book then?”

“The best thing my Dad ever did for me was, one day, to rip a schlocky kids' book out of my hands, and make me read Dickens.”

“My point isn't that ebooks don't have a place. But just because they're called "ebooks". doesn't make them a replacement for...books.”

“There are literally thousands of great books, and you're telling me your kids can only read "Twilight"? #LOL #comeon”

“False choice. RT @lucasjosh: @umairh I'd rather my daughter a few books from there than not read at all.”

“We can keep the books discussion going forever, but my take's pretty simple. When real books die, so does civilization as we know it.”

“RT @OrwellUpgraded: @flamsmark @umairh In Soviet Russia ebooks read you. I want to read books, not have them read me. Paper does this well.”

“.@flamsmark If all you want from books is "convenience" and "enjoyment", then I suggest you might have missed the point of books.”

“We had a raging and fascinating discussion about books last night. Check my timeline if you're cool.”

“Rather than "innovating" books, I'd simply we found better ways to give more people access to more, better...books.”

“.@chroma Sure, I have a fetish for books. Every thinking human should.”

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