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“I'm not trying to be a joyless dick. I love art, fashion, culture. But awards shows frenzy I really don't get. Someone explain.”

“LOL. Geeks, you can't say at the same time "fashion sucks!! it's pointless!!" AND "us? we're really fashionable!!". #notbuyingit”

“If your success is predicated on convincing humanity not to like fashion, or pretty much anything else fun in life...good luck.”

“See the weird antagonism in this discussion already? Geeks don't get fashion. Clothes to them are just functional, disposable "things".”

“Geekwear vs fashion? The masses will
always choose fashion. Because no one wants to look like a dork, except geeks.”

“Admit it. Grammy fashion is like the greatest hits of pretty bad taste.”

“When nostalgia overwhelms imagination and fashion overwhelms style. "@StyleLikeU: @umairh what is your definition of hipsterism exactly?"”

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