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“LOL, gaming the hipsters. Love it :) "@kykim: @umairh going to try every week. To get free drinks."”

“#win!! "@kykim: @umairh spent 15min in a hipster bar screaming your tweets about hipsters. I got lblank looks, applause, and free drinks."”

“I think I mostly freaked out because I have to shave my hipster beard tonight.”

“I saw hipster beards in like five ads today. So I think we can safely conclude hipster beards are the new fauwhawks.”

“I'm kidding around with you, you fucking Grammy watching hipsters. Kind of :)”

“Wait, are hipsters allowed to reproduce?”

“I kid around about hipsters, to underscore a serious point.”

“Ha. RT @smk: @umairh the best description of a hipster I've heard is "someone who dresses like an artist but doesn't make any art."”

Being a Hipster Is an Excellent and Wonderful Thing!

Being a Hipster Is an Excellent and Wonderful Thing!

I love being wrong. RT @pixplz: Hey @umairh you're right about a lot of things but you're wrong about hipsters.

“You fucking hipsters.”

“I dunno, I think Hipsterism is the bastard child of plutocracy. Behind most hipsters is a trust fund and a thinly veiled classism.”

“No, just a loser. "@tarintowers: @umairh Doesn't tweeting at a bar automatically make you a hipster?"”

“LOL. Love it. "@gapingvoid: @umairh My definition of Hipster: an artist who hasn't done the work."”

“LOL "@shineslike: @umairh Hipsters started by being ironic; but forgot their roots, and just turned into guys hugely into ugly sweaters."”

“Let's face it, hipsters will ungrow Taliban beards the second the downturn ends and referencing simplistic ruggedness cues is uncool.”

“LOL, so true. Hipsterism is really a cult of mediocrity. "@B_LeDouche: @umairh Hipster costumes are the uniform of the mediocre"”



LOL. Total #win "@BeingMarci: @umairh You've seen this circulating already right? #hipsters"

“If hipsters put as much effort into fixing the world as they do into their beards, we'd all be superhumans by now.”

Hipsters at the bar. #noooo”

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