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“Oh, this is the one where everyone yells at me in defense of their favorite plastic celebrity substitute for a real life. I forgot :)”

“OK, I clearly have to stop this compulsive tweeting and actually go have a life now. I hope everyone has a disgustingly awesome weekend :)”

Life isn't an engineering challenge. And building societies that rise to today's great challenges isn't like building an iPhone.”

“Bingo. We want life without living. RT @moodee_q: @umairh ...but its worth the risk..makes u feel alive..comes with opportunity cost but”

“living a worthwhile life is like being the author of your own great book. Hint: it's not easy, and there are no guarantees.”

“If we end up feeling empty most of the time, I'd bet that most the preceding is precisely why. A life worth living isn't a giant 7-11.”

“We need to grow up a little and recognize the stuff that makes life worthwhile isn't "information"; but the point of information.”

“It changed my life maybe more than anything else. Did I throw a massive whiny tantrum? Sure. Was it worth it? You bet.”

“For the same reason your life isn't. RT @greg42: @umairh Why is the book the physical object and not the information contained within?”

“Folks, I understand you want perfect disposability and convenience. But a life well lived isn't a giant 7-11.”

“If your success is predicated on convincing humanity not to like fashion, or pretty much anything else fun in life...good luck.”

“.@mkmcho The more often you use the words "you don't know me!", the shittier your life is probably going to be.”

“Perfectly said -> RT @SusannaDW: @umairh It's true. I didn't get my heart well & truly broken til I was 35. And then life began.”

“A pretty good sign that you're wasting your life is caring about celebrities.”

“Never confuse your carefully curated tumblr with a life of real accomplishment.”

“Now imagine how awful my new startup, Dronevertising, is going to make your life, while I get super duper rich.”

“Now, I'm going to go out and have a so-called life. Don't fuck everything up while I'm gone. Oh, wait.”

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