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“LL Cool J, Chuck D, what?! Oh my 7th grade heart! #Grammys

“RT @StevenLevy: Next year Grammys should just do 3 hours of Mavis Staples.”

“Those are some pipes on Mavis Staples! #Grammys

B Gomez (Roxy226) on Twitter

B Gomez (Roxy226) on Twitter

Best photo of #Grammys

Lois Whitman-Hess's Twitter Photo

Lois Whitman-Hess's Twitter Photo

RT @loiswhitman: Carrie Underwood had five different images projected on her gown #grammys

“Carrie Underwood is queen. Best voice on this stage hands down. Beloved by fans of all genres. American Idol, better believe it #Grammys

“Sad that we live in a world where Best New Artist goes to a band working their asses off for 12 yrs. Let's acknowledge & award that #Grammys

“Siggy Marley on the #Grammys with Sting, Bruno Mars & Rihanna was one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Could you be loved and be loved?”

“Whoever paired Bruno Mars with Sting is f'ing genius. Never realized how much this song sounds like The Police #Grammys

“The worst jackets all night #Grammys

“I wish JT had sang just one old song. I was up and dancing #Grammys

“JT!!!!!!!!!! #Grammys (my boyfriend thinks I'm insane)”

“Adore Johnny Depp but find it kinda sad that he seems to think he's one of his characters. Guess you forget youre acting eventually #Grammys

“Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff are having a very good year #Grammys

“Please forgive this Jewish girl for her ignorance, but what does "Glory to God" mean? I've never heard "glory to" something #Grammys

“Not understanding these collaborations #Grammys

“Secret: I adore Taylor Swift. "Be careful, or I'll write a song about you." No one does revenge better /cc: @amymarquez @keirdubois #Grammys

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